Department of Rhetoric and Media

The Department of Rhetoric and Media focuses on three types of activities: research, didactics, and organization. The activity of the Department of Rhetoric and Media focuses on research, didactic and organizational activities. The research focuses on phenomena from the field of literature and popular culture, connections between literature and the media, media communication, as well as rhetoric theory and practice. The department brings together researchers representing various disciplinary and methodological approaches. The Department conducts research in the field of history and theory of rhetoric  (J. Z. Lichański), narratives in culture and literature and anthropology of popular literature (J. Z. Lichański, A. Szurek, P. Lehr-Spławiński), genealogy of rhetoric (A. Budzyńska-Daca), connections between literature, media, and popular culture (P. Lehr-Spławiński, A. Szurek), use of language in the media, post-linguistics (P. Lehr-Spławiński), rhetoric of the political discourse (A. Budzyńska-Daca, E. Modrzejewska), visual rhetoric (A. Szurek, E. Modrzejewska, A. Budzyńska-Daca), digital rhetoric (A. Szurek, E. Modrzejewska), didactics of rhetoric (A. Budzyńska-Daca, E. Modrzejewska), connections between literary and film traditions, documentary film (K. Kopczyński), media education (K. Kopczyński, P. Lehr-Spławiński), inter-semiotic translation and translation in the media (M. Ślarzyńska).

Department Members teach seminars dedicated to their research fields, as well as deliver lectures and conduct workshops as a part of media specialization. They also take part in an open seminar entitled Spaces of Discourse: Media and Rhetoric which is held periodically throughout the academic year.

Students of the Polish Studies can choose the Philology for Media specialization on the second year of their studies. Coordinator and originator of the media specialization is dr. Piotr Lehr-Spławiński.

The Department is affiliated with the Laboratory of History and Theory of Rhetoric led by prof. Jakub Z. Lichański. As a part of its activities the Laboratory publishes a peer-reviewed academic quarterly Forum Artis Rhetoricae, dedicated to the study of rhetoric. The editor of the quarterly is Jakub Z. Lichański.

The third field of activity includes the popularization of science, cooperation with students in research projects and organizational activities outside the curriculum. There are two clubs affiliated with the Department: media and film. Students of the media specialization can publish their texts on this Internet platform, they also take part in research projects initiated by the Department members.