RHEFINE is a two-year KA2 Erasmus Strategic Partnership in the field of higher education. It is coordinated by the Centre for Applied Rhetoric (University of Warsaw, Poland) and the partners include The Department for Theoretical and Applied Phonetics (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and the Institute of Rhetoric and Communication (Bulgaria).

RHEFINE’s aim is to reform the academic teaching of rhetoric. The activities of the project are directed at high school students, doctoral students, academic teachers and researchers, but may be extended also to graduates, high school teachers and students and NGO workers. RHEFINE’s actions are focused on three areas:

  • Providing a better framework for teaching and learning of rhetoric. This means new curricula, better fitted to the needs of students and the labour market; introducing new teaching methods; providing modern, up-to-date handbooks and materials; developing flexible forms of teaching and learning (online and blended).
  • Tackling skill gaps and enhancing students’ competences. This means developing research-based learning and creating opportunities to train such skills as analysis and problem solving, teamwork, scientific communication, conflict management. Important competencies are also empathy and “rhetorical sensitivity”.
  • Enhancing the competencies of academic teachers. This means creating a space for discussion, presenting new solutions and sharing experiences; training in open science skills, conflict management, negotiations; sharing reflections on new teaching methods.


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