Philology for Media Specialization – second-cycle studies

On the graduate studies courses are taught by, among others practitioners who work in the traditional and social media. Among them is known from YouTube and television Paulina Mikuła and Dariusz Fedor, the editor of the Continents who will invite to his classes well-known Polish reporters.

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Why it is worth choosing PfM II at the Polish Studies?
Because we combine modernity with classics. We critically analyze the media (including social media) and public discourse, debate about changes in journalistic forms and genres, practice specialized and universal applications of words and images.
Who can study?
We invite everyone who begins graduate studies on the faculty of Polish Studies, as well as other graduates.

For current students of the first-cycle of the specialization we propose a program which is its continuation and complements the already acquired skills.

What are the formalities?

Declaration of the selection of the specialization has to be submitted together with the documents required on master’s studies. The duration of the specialization is three semesters. Its participants have to pay a fee. Tuition fee: 500 zł per semester. From the formal pint of view the specialization can start when at least 20 people are enrolled.

Coordinator of the specialization: dr. Ewa Modrzejewska

Academic Program

Course  Year  Semester   Number of hours Course type  Type of credit  ECTS
Rhetoric and Media Critique I 1 30 lecture graded credit 3,5
Artistic and Functional Narratives I 1 15 classes graded credit 1,5
Pragmatics of Media I 1 15 classes graded credit 1,5
Medialization of Culture I 2 15 lecture graded credit 2
Debates and Discussions I 2 30 classes graded credit 3
Non-fiction Literature – Reporter’s Workshops I 2 15 classes graded credit 2
Verbal-visual Narratives I 2 15 classes graded credit 1,5
Creative Writing. Workshops II 1 30 classes graded credit 2,0
Writing on the Internet. Internet Journalism II 1 15 classes graded credit 1,5
Journalism Workshop II 1 15 classes graded credit 1,5
Sum 195 21