Philology for Media

This specialization is aimed at students interested in professional training in the field of advertising, public relations and media (film, cultural periodicals, newspapers, and TV).
On the classes and workshops students learn how to write and evaluate media content, analyze media coverage and reception. They get basic knowledge on the new broadcasting technologies and the functioning of the media in today’s world.

What do we do?

We combine modernity with classics. We critically analyze the media (including social media) and public discourse, debate about changes in journalistic forms and genres, practice specialized and universal applications of words and images.

On the classes taught by academicians and practitioners we put the emphasis on the workshop approach and active cooperation of students. We do not teach ready-made solutions but encourage critical and creative thinking. We show examples and tools which can be used to create content for the media, companies and institutions which – especially in this day and age – cannot operate without public communication specialists.

At the same time we do not blindly follow trends – we remember about the fundamentals: the culture of speech, linguistic correctness, accuracy and the rhetorical nature of effective convincing.

Who can study?

We invite everyone who begins graduate studies on the faculty of Polish Studies, as well as other graduates.

For current students of the first-cycle of the specialization we propose a program which is its continuation and complements the already acquired skills.

What are the conditions for the admission?

The duration of the specialization is three semesters. Its participants have to pay a fee. Tuition fee: 500 zł per semester.

From the formal point of view the specialization can start when at least 20 people are enrolled.

Coordinator of the specialization: dr. Ewa Modrzejewska